Why FIFA 16 Coins PS4 & XBOX ONE is More Popular

Posted on October 26, 2015

Why FIFA 16 Coins PS4 & XBOX ONE is More Popular

FIFA 16 is crazily popular and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team game mode that turns us into greedy persons who continuously ask the money. Then problem occures: which platform is your best choice to enjoy the game?

FUT16COIN as one of the most popular fifa 16 coins selling site, we have made an analysis on orders for fifa 16 coins. We can find out that fifa 16 coins PS4 & Xbox one are a lot more buyers them fifa 16 coins pc.Then why is that?

1. Side by side with the Xbox One and PS4 versions, FIFA 16 on PC runs a lot faster thanks to our overpowered machine. While it did look slightly better, there’s nothing to suggest that it’s a drastic upgrade over its console brethren. The PC version is a better bet than the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions though, with no slowdown and texture pop-in.

2. Compared to the console versions, FIFA 16 on PC didn’t feel as responsive. Performing basic actions like passing and shooting even with a controller felt rather laboured, as we found ourselves exerting more effort than we had to versus the console versions (even with the same settings). This made matches feel like a chore. Adjusting the controls for passing and shooting didn’t make it any easier either.

3. Also, on all versions of the game, heading the ball always netted a goal and every cross was a perfect cross. Scoring seemed too easy and playing as the women’s teams resulted in gameplay that was a lot faster, while the men’s teams felt sluggish.

Add to this the fact that just getting the game – which is only available as a digital download, you can’t just buy a disc and start playing – up and running on the PC was a monumental effort, and then choosing the console version seems like the obvious option.

FIFA 16 Ultimate team has been released on PC, XBOX one, PS4,PS3, ISO XBOX 360 and Android, What’s favorite fifa 16 platform?

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