Some Good And Bad Aspects Of PoE Beastiary League

Posted on April 30, 2018

In Path of Exile, beastiary league was full of good idea in the intention, but absolutly awfull in realisation. I collect some bad and fun points in this league. Meanwhile, there are some poe items for trade on our website. Let’s enter it.

Bad points:

1. To capture beast, you have to use a net on a living beast.

This net is used like a skill. So this force you to stop your dps. We had to way few weeks before GGG introduced Necromantic net that alow players to capture dead beast. For this period of time, the league mecanics was absolutly unplayable for every build who OS, or off-screen, or can’t control their dps in general.

Path of Exile

2. The Menagery concept was cool, but had huge problem too.

Your menagery have a limite in terme of beast you can capture. If your menagery is full, all beast you capture were lost. We had to wait few week for GGG to introduce an alerte message in order to warn the player his menagery is nearly full with some type of beast.

3. In order to make some space in your menagery, you had to use beast in recipe.

But the recipe preselected for you the beast used for the recipe. So, in order to not use extremly rare beast and usefull beast in a shity recipe, the player have to check himself each beast used.

4. There is also a replacement of beast system.

If you capture a beast and your menagery is full with this type of beast, the game should remove automaticaly the lowest level beast in your menagery. But honestly, I don’t realy know and understand how this work.

Fun points :

1. Recipe only use rare and unique beast.

Blue or white monster are not used in any way, but they still count as 1 beast slot in your menagery. And you have absolutly no possibility to remove this kind of beast from your menagery except transforming them in currency (which cost 1 chaos per orb). They can probably be removed from your menagery by higher level beast.

2. The menagery is an area where fight take place.

So you don’t have your stash in it. This force you to take currency in your inventory in order to buy some specific net, like the one used for trade beast. And while it’s an area where you fight monster, even if you are not in the arena, you can be killed. Some HC player had this cool surprise while requesting a beast crafting from other player and waited them in the menagery instead of their HO.

3. Except all of this, recipe from bestiary league introduced many cool things.

The menagery looks realy cool. It’s a realy interesting crafting system and unlock many cool possibility. Beast in map can be realy challenging, and sometime realy powerfull. It’s a realy interesting challenge from this point of view.

In conclusion, the beasts and recipe introduced add some realy interesting points. But at the same time, in terme of realisation and gameplay, I honestly, I didn’t played a less intuitive system in a game for a long time. I sincerly tried to do an objective review and tried to not sounds like a professionnal whiner.

Passive Tree Changes to Ignite in Path of Exile 3.3.0

Posted on April 27, 2018

In Content Update 3.3.0, we’re planning to create more options for fire-based characters by improving ignite in Path of Exile. Now will share what Path of exile 3.3.0 Passive Skills Tree Changes.

Passive Tree Changes
We’ve made some changes to the passive tree for 3.3.0. In the long term we have many more changes that we’d like to make but this would involve a much more significant rework. We’ve listed the changes we’re making in the meantime below.

The Elementalist’s Beacon of Ruin passive skill now grants 20% more Damage with Ignite. Its proliferation radius is now 18 (up from 12).

Heart of Flame now grants the same fire damage but the damage penetrates 6% fire resistance (up from 3%). The passive skills that lead up to Heart of Flame are now 15% increased fire damage (up from 12%) while the entry node is now 12% (up from 10%). The idea behind this is to make both hits and ignite more rewarding for your investment.

We’ve also propagated this change onto the Heart of Ice and Heart of Thunder notable passive skills for a general buff to spell damage.

The passive skills leading up to Breath of Flames have been changed to the following:
10% increased Fire Damage and Burning Damage
10% increased Fire Damage and 5% Chance to Ignite
10% increased Fire Damage and Burning Damage

The Breath of Flames notable passive skill is now:
20% increased Fire Damage
20% increased Ignite Duration on Enemies
20% increased Burning Damage
20% Chance to Ignite

The Holy Fire notable has also changed in accordance with the above changes so that it can be better used for both ignite and hits. It is now:
20% increased Fire Damage
40% increased Burning Damage
15% Chance to Ignite

The Celestial Judgement notable has had its damage penetration increased from 2% to 5%.

Skill clusters on the tree now have 20-25% chance to ignite per cluster. Ideally this should mean that if you have either leveled Skill and Support Gems or a leveled Skill and a few clusters taken on your tree you should be able to acquire 100% chance to ignite.

These changes should be a lot more beneficial for characters that want to utilise ignite and hits and create some alternatives to characters that lean on pure burning damage. We would like to further address the options for spellcasters in future expansions as we are able to. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers canĀ poe currency purchase from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

Stash Tabs Are Definitely Game Changing – Path of Exile

Posted on April 21, 2018

PoE has shit-ton of mtx but DLC? I guess you can call every league DLC but content updates in this game are free and only game-altering mtxes i can think of are stashes. but i think it is more like a qol thing. Yeah, this website is new and we cant control everything on the web but i saw it on the /r/pcgaming and it was kinda popular. What do you guys think? It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need to poe trade currency, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has poe currency cheap.


Overall seems like a pretty fair description, they have not slammed the mystery boxes and even stated the items are later available for direct purchase and have not buttered up the amount of updates that are released. I’m going to assume where it says “Bulk Order Horse Armor – Excessive amounts of cheap, minor DLC. No randomization involved” it’s referring to the MTX options for direct purchase and could just be a typo. Yeah it does state in the description that by game altering they specifically meant stash tabs, character slots and guild upgrades. Which to be fair stash tabs should be taken with a 50/50 outlook, it should definitely be mentioned, I think at least, to make people aware about them.

In my opinion, I think it’s a more than fair categorization of POE and the direction they are heading. In the last 6-12 months especially, we’ve seen them dramatically ramp up the pushing and promotion of MTX sales and exploitative style gambling mechanics via loot/mtx/mystery boxes.

They’ve started pushing hourly sales programs, only putting up decent items for sale late into the night/morning hours & then the sales being ridiculously bad “3% off” in the end. They’ve hijacked the build of the week series to now be a glorified MTX promotion. They have started pushing sales packs towards new players which lock those inexperienced players into unwittingly purchasing points/packs that have no benefit and don’t allow them to put those purchases towards discounts of good MTX/pack deals. They still insist on using the misleading “points” garbage as a requirement to buy shit in the game, instead of just selling tabs and other basic required inventory needs for a real money value. They then add insult to injury past that point by continuing to advertise and then charge prices in a foreign currency.

PoE: Great Stuff To See Over The Course Of The Past Week

Posted on April 18, 2018

In Path of Exile, GGG will pull out lots of information should be coming in the next week or two, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a ton of great stuff to see and learn over the course of the past week.

1. Path of Exile: Royale

Last week, GGG put up a fun article for fans of PoE: Royale that is basically summed up as “How We Did It”. The article details the plan of attack and how it was implemented into the game.

Most collectors of chaos orbs poe loved the joke at face value, but also discovered that it was actually a real game mode they could play, and one that is a lot of fun. It is also be renamed the game on Steam to “PATH OF EXILE: ROYALE”. Over the 31 hours that it was running, 27,989 matches of Royale were played.

Path of Exile

2. Visual Updates

Last week, a pair of cool new microtransactions arrived in the form of Phantasmal Whirling Blades that replaces the Whirling Blades effect and a new visual overlay for the Arcane Portal. The former provides the more emo crowd with a dark and gloomy pair of blades spinning through the air, while the latter offers a new stylish take on portals. See both in action in the videos below.

3. Build of the Week & a Bonus Build

We also missed one from a couple of weeks ago that is decidedly worth mentioning. This time, Some_Day offers a take on a build called “Righteous Scorching by Ray Hierophant”. “[W]e’re showcasing Some_Day’s Hierophant that makes use of self-cast Righteous Fire and Scorching Ray totems. This build combines high single-target burning damage through multiple Scorching Ray totems with wide area-of-effect burning damage from Righteous Fire.”

4. Skill Usage Statistics

Looking strictly at this list, it seems clear that fire is a popular damage type to build around. It’s also clear that, at least while levelling, the ability to traverse small gaps via Flame Dash and Leap Slam is highly valued.

The most popular Vaal skills are both auras, with the great majority of Vaal skills being hardly used. Many of these skills have received nerfs since their release (four years ago!), while very few have received buffs. This is something we’re keenly aware of and hope to have more news about in the coming weeks.

5. T-Shirt Design Competition Highlights

GGG is totally down with its art community and often provides them with ways to showcase their talents. The most recent example of that is the T-Shirt Design Competition. The title is pretty self-explanatory and this week GGG gives us a look at some of the awesome submissions they have received. Let’s just say that these are some amazing pieces of art!

PoE Guide On Get More Damage Out Of Indigon

Posted on April 11, 2018

In Path of Exile, if you want to get more damage out of indigon, should you be going poets pen? Frenzy to proc vd? I hope the following guide will help you. Bear in mind that Sale Cheap POE Currency, POE Orbs, POE Items.

Poet’s Pen doesn’t have high enough mana expenditure in my opinion. Generally you want thousands of mana spent within the 4s window to maximize the spell damage stacking, something like a totem Hiero or Wither/ED build would likely work better for bosskilling.

Path of Exile

For single target situations you’re getting the most value regarding mana recovery out of Inquisitor. 6% base mana regeneration is absolutely huge; that’s literally more than your base mana regeneration + cloak of defiance + boots lab enchant + level 20 arcane surge combined.

Second best mana recovery for single target is typically hierophant which also grants 2% base mana regeneration (with 4 totems) + 150 base mana. Given that you get this alongside extremely good totem and QoL stuff, it’s the obvious choice for totem builds despite not quite reaching inquisitor for mana recovery.

For single target, trickster relies on unreliable methods such as writhing jar to keep up its mana recovery. While weave the arcane is great for builds which don’t stack a lot of mana recovery, it kinda pales to base mana regeneration for builds which stack a lot of % mana recovery rate (watcher’s eye + belt) and % increased mana regeneration rate.

Its main advantage is probably that it lets you do no leech/no regen maps since both weave the arcane and patient reaper aren’t affected by those mods.

8% mana / second (which is rather optimistic in practice) sounds like a lot on paper but it’s not terribly large of an amount compared to what you can achieve by scaling mana regeneration since it doesn’t really scale with anything but attack speed and max mana (which mana regeneration also scales with).

Taking my rather mediocre geared Indigon ED character, for example, I actually get 3248 mana regen per second at 6810 total mana from inquisitor’s 6% base mana regen. That’s an effective 47.7% of max mana per second which gets even higher if I change my pathing to get out of the templar start through the mana regen nodes.

Realistically, weave the arcane only has a chance of competing if you’re making a non-regen based indigon character and instead rely on other sources of mana recovery (e.g. neck + watcher’s eye with chance to gain mana on attack + leech) which, to me, appears to cap out significantly lower but doesn’t require as much investment into mana recovery overall.

Path Of Exile: The Oil Drenched Wings

Posted on April 04, 2018

In Path of Exile, GGG are just released the Oil Drenched Wings Back Attachment! It continues the beastly theme of recent microtransactions and adorns your character with feathery, oil covered wings that really enhance any grimey beastly look you might be going for.

Oil Drenched Wings: Adds the Oil Drenched Wings to your body armour. Back attachments can be applied in the Cosmetics tab of your Inventory.

And they also released the Oil Drenched Wing with the Bandana, Vampiric Body Armour, Glowing Red Eyes, Vampiric Gloves, Vampiric Boots, Ultimate Chaos Character Effect and Warlock Dagger.

Path of Exile

Black Pirate Bandana: Replaces the appearance of a piece of headgear with the Black Pirate Bandana. Helmet effects can be applied in the Cosmetics tab of your Inventory. They apply to any helmets you equip.

Red Pirate Bandana: Replaces the appearance of a piece of headgear with the Red Pirate Bandana. Helmet effects can be applied in the Cosmetics tab of your Inventory. They apply to any helmets you equip.

Vampiric Armour Pack: Contains the Vampiric Body Armour, Vampiric Helmet, Vampiric Boots and Vampiric Gloves armour skins (at a discounted price).

Glowing Red Eyes: Imbues a piece of headgear with a pair of glowing red eyes. Helmet effects can be applied in the Cosmetics tab of your Inventory. They apply to any helmets you equip.

Vampiric Boots: Replaces the appearance of a pair of boots with the Vampiric boots. Boots effects can be applied in the Cosmetics tab of your Inventory. They apply to any boots you equip.

Warlock Armour Pack: Contains the Warlock Body Armour, Helmet, Boots and Gloves armour skins (at a discounted price).

The oil actually looks quite well done, but the wings themselves look a little bad. I dunno, maybe that was the intended look. Feel like shredded feathers dripping with oil might have been a bit more full, given it more structure. While still retaining that look. What’s your opinion?