Making WOW Classic Gold By Professions Prospecting

Posted on September 07, 2019

Prospecting is the ability to take 5 ore of almost any type and pull powders and/or gems from it. The higher level ore, the better gems you receive, the chart below outlines what gems are extracted from which ore and the powder for that ore.

Ore Type – Copper Ore (5) – Requires Jewelcrafting 20
Prospected Powder:
– Copper Powder (99%)
Prospected Gems:
– Tigerseye (54%)
– Malachite (45%)
– Shadowgem (9%)

Ore Type – Tin Ore (5) – Requires Jewelcrafting 50
Prospected Powder:
– Tin Powder (99%)
Prospected Gems:
– Moss Agate (44%)
– Shadowgem (40%)
– Lesser Moonstone (35%)
– Citrine (7%)
– Jade (3%)
– Aquamarine (3%)

Ore Type – Iron Ore (5) – Requires Jewelcrafting 125
Prospected Powder:
– Iron Powder (100%)
Prospected Gems:
– Jade (46%)
– Lesser Moonstone (39%)
– Citrine (34%)
– Star Ruby (10%)
– Aquamarine (4%)

Ore Type – Mithril Ore (5) – Requires Jewelcrafting 175
Prospected Powder:
– Mithril Powder (100%)
Prospected Gems:
– Star Ruby (87%)
– Citrine (68%)
– Aquamarine (53%)
– Azerothian Diamond (30%)

Ore Type – Thorium Ore (5) – Requires Jewelcrafting 250
Prospected Powder:
– Thorium Powder (100%)
Prospected Gems:
– Azerothian Diamond (72%)
– Blue Sapphire (87%)
– Star Ruby (33%)
– Large Opal (15%)
– Huge Emerald (17%)

Ore Type – Fel Iron Ore (5) – Requires Jewelcrafting 275
Prospected Powder:
– Fel iron Powder (100%)
Prospected Gems:
– Shadow Draenite (15%)
– Flame Spessarite (15%)
– Deep Peridot (15%)
– Azure Moonstone (13%)
– Blood Garnet (12%)
– Dawnstone (1%)
– Golden Draenite (10%)
– Nightseye (1%)
– Talasite (1%)
– Living Ruby (1%)
– Noble Topaz (1%)
– Star of Elune (1%)

Ore Type – Adamantite Ore (5) – Requires Jewelcrafting 325
Prospected Powder:
– Adamantite Powder (100%)
Prospected Gems:
– Shadow Draenite (22%)
– Flame Spessarite (20%)
– Deep Peridot (20%)
– Azure Moonstone (19%)
– Blood Garnet (19%)
– Golden Draenite (17%)
– Dawnstone (2%)
– Nightseye (2%)
– Living Ruby (2%)
– Talasite (2%)
– Noble Topaz (2%)
– Star of Elune (2%)

Prospecting can turn into a lot of  wow classic gold and this is why some people labor through the process of leveling Jewelcrafting to receive better quality gems. From a stack of Fel Iron Ore, you can easily turn it into a Talasite and a Living Ruby along with some of the smaller gems while the above two items sell easily for 60 gold combined the rest is just Easy WOW Classic Gold.

Making WOW Classic Gold With Master Merchant

Posted on September 06, 2019

Remember all of those supply vendors you pass by? Well look at their inventory and always check the last page. There’s usually some limited supply recipes that you can buy. The ones that are in weird places are even better. The goblin in Moonbrook sells rage potion recipes, there are 2 goblins in Duskwood, the one on raven hill sells shadow oil recipes and the one on the road north out of Duskwood sells goblin jumper cables. All of these recipes sell for 200-1000% profit in the auction house.

Want to know a secret? Buy 5 different tuxedo patterns from the tailor in Ironforge for around 40 silver each, then turn around and sell them in the auction house for 2 WOW Classic gold or more! There are also 2 thorium recipes off of the engineering supplier in the gnome area that sells for pretty good. People are just lazy or don’t know that vendors sell these recipes. Keep in mind they’re all limited sell so if a recipe isn’t there check back in 20 minutes.

Also in Moonvale is the arcanite rod enchantment and some other high-level recipes. All of them can be purchased for 1-2 gold and buyout in auction for 5-7 gold. Once you have your recipes hearthstone back to Auberdine and drop them in the mail to your mule guy in front of the auction house.

If you do it right you should have about 20 auctions going at a time and it doesn’t draw suspicion like putting up 10 auctions all for the same item (a great way to kill your profits by the way). I make about 20-30 gold a day from about 30 minutes of work. The best part is you can do it at any level.

Some other good places for recipes, Ashenvale has a ton of good stuff at Astranar and that other post. You can get the expert cooking book and the big bear steak recipes (the bear recipes cost like 20 silver and you can sell it for 1 gold a lot of times, and it’s unlimited supply). The Wetlands has a vendor in the middle of the map. Stormwind in the old town district has a pub and upstairs a guy sells about 20 different cooking recipes, many of the same ones you have to quest for.

Making WOW Classic Gold Interacting with others

Posted on September 06, 2019

So you have all those items and you have no clue what to do with them? You could put the item in trade channel ( /2 then shift+click the item ) or you could put it in the auction house. For example, you could sell Moss Agate for 1 WOW Classic gold USA in the auction house when it may only fetch offers of as low as 20 silver when putting up in general chat!

  1. Other players are a great way to sell items. Whether you’re putting it up for trade in the auction house or you are selling it through the trade channel you’re getting more then you would get from an NPC
  2. When selling to another player be kind and courteous, accept all offers and if it isn’t high enough don’t be a jerk kindly say no and ask if they could go any higher. Remember your job is to sell your product when you want to sell a car would you be a jerk to the buyer?
  3. When using the auction house make sure you list your items at a time of day where there is a lot of traffic! Don’t list an item at 3 am and have it end at 11 am! If you’re going to only have time to list items in the early morning make sure you do longer auctions so you get the traffic you deserve!
  4. Start it at a good price so it can get into a bidding war! Start it at the minimum you would get from a vendor (Usually will do that for you).
  5. Do a little market research before you post your item! If you see there are a lot of them maybe you should hold off a little while before you put the item up for grabs!