FIFA 15 Best Tips to Build the Strongest Defensive FIFA Formation

Posted on December 15, 2014

fifa 15 defensive

As fifa 15 christmas is coming around the corner,every player is eager to take part in the big event,and they are spare no effort to become a better player.Today we will share a formation discussion episode: how to build the strongest defensive FUT formation regardless of chemistry problem.

First of all, you may have a look at the formation, how do you think of this collation?
Before answering this question, let us have a look at what factors will contribute to the strongest defensive FUT formation.
What factors will contribute to FIFA 15 defense?
1. Positioning
Keep good shape and occupy good positions. Do not divide the tackle. After doing those, you should keep the goal out.
2. Tackling
First of all, avoid continuing standing tackles, secondly, using sliding tackles to block shots.
3. Sprinting
Save sprinting for when you really need it, maybe to accelerate and intercept the ball or to keep pace with a striker.

After you have a brief knowledge of the above defense tips, how do you think of the above formation? What changes can be made to build the strongest defensive FUT formation?
1. Ramirez is too weak. Although his attacking is fierce and speed is quite fast, he can not break through. You can change the player with Pogba or Vidal.
2. Two backs: LWB and RWB need players with good cross speed. 5 backs belong to strong and tall types. It is really a waste. And 5 backs do not necessarily take effect. You can take 3 centers: Ramos Thiago Chiellini,LWB – Marcelo into consideration, RWB- Lee Shi Tyner / Alves.
3. Double striker collocation:strong + fast speed. C Ronaldo and Robben have some similarities in some aspects. They are repetitive. You can change one of them with Ibrahimovic / Su teeth. Ibrahimovic and Su teeth all have the characteristics of strong body and quick response.

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Perfect strategy to solve the problem of low scoring in FIFA 15

Posted on November 22, 2014

We know the defense of goalkeeper have been improved in FIFA 15, if you are shoot like before, the scoring rate will drop a lot, so today I would share our skillful players shoot experiences to help you solve the problem of low scoring.

fifa 15 tips

You should know the feeling of shooting are not the same with different players, different ball position, different moving speed or different defensive pressure, but they all have a common characteristic is that Flair Shot, set it in Basic Controls. Using this skill to make a wonderful and unexpected action if you are a shot player and you will find the success rate of shooting improved than usual, what’s more, you can enter the ball before you can not. Xavier Hernandez Creus ever been to the ball with restricted line inclined 45 degrees to the inside of the far goal post, and the Messi has been to sign his goal, cut inside on the right lateral, long shots from outside the area into the hanging dead. What’s more, the other pole or a good scoring opportunity with this method rate increased significantly.

With more and more operational in FIFA 15, short biography of LT + A is more precision than a short pass of directly, the players through some simple key combination to achieve some tactical coordination and get goals. So the push shot of RB + X also did not like the before just used only to spin the far post, and cut inside the penalty area with small-angle of RB + X push shot also has a good scoring rate. Another is the RT + X for long-distance shot burst and so on.

All in all, these are our suggestions about FIFA 15 shooting. Hope you get benefit from this article and enjoy the game. By the way, cheap FIFA 15 coins are provided on

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Preview week 5

Posted on November 03, 2014

Weekend Preview 5! Featuring Napoli, Roma, Bayern, Dortmund, Man City and Man Utd.

Napoli vs Roma – Saturday 1st Nov – KO 14:00

There was a full schedule of fixtures in Serie A this week which saw Napoli miss out on cementing their semi return form, thanks to Higuain’s late penalty miss against ten man Atalanta. Since they were last featured on the Weekend Preview though Benitez’s boys have drawn two and won one (a 6-2 spanking against Verona) finding themselves in a clump of seven teams all within a point of third spot.

But high-flying Roma are in town this weekend who find themselves now tied in second place with an identical record to Juventus, after they slipped up against Genoa, so it really is all to play for at the minute in Serie A. Napoli really should have won on Wednesday night but overall they are starting to find their feet this season and that makes this look a tricky tie on paper at the very least for Roma.

At home Roma are imperious, but on the road they’ve been much less convincing which is why I think Napoli will get something here in Naples and after Callejons recent goal scoring heroics from midfield (seven goals in nine games) I wonder if he can continue that form here?

Score Prediction: Napoli 1-1 Roma

In Form Prediction: Jose Callejon

Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund – Saturday 1st Nov – KO 17:30

I backed Gladbach versus Bayern last weekend, much to your amusement but The Borussians did me proud and proved that with the right application, the Bayern juggernaut can be stopped. Whether that will give a rotten Dortmund side any hope is another matter though, as hipsters favourite Jurgen Klopp has now presided over four straight defeats (no wins in six) in the Bundesliga leaving them hovering ominously above the relegation zone.


And after adding Shinji Kagawa, Adrian Ramos and Ciro Immobile over the summer to bolster what looked like an already excellent squad, their fall from grace has been rather alarming. And just as you need a nice easy fixture to restore some confidence and belief, the fixture fairy serves up Bayern away, which is hardly ideal. Especially as this year Pep Guardiola gets to smugly parade not one, but two Dortmund ex-lovers in the form of Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski, for whom Jurgen would no doubt walk over hot bratwurst to have back in his ranks right about now.


Sorry Dortmund lovers, I just don’t see a ‘Gladbach’ style result here i’m afraid, and if the punishment is going to continue it will most likely at the hands of your ex, who now draped over a hunkier man, is probably going to bag his first IF of the season. 


Score Prediction: Bayern Munich 3-0 Dortmund

In Form Prediction: Robert Lewandowski

Manchester City vs Manchester United – Sunday 2nd Nov – KO 13:30

My beloved United are back for the second week running in the Weekend Preview and after basking in the glory of my correct result (not score) prediction, and my LOLZ ‘Combined XI’ it’s time for massive game number two; the Manchester derby. United’s tails are up, of that there’s no doubt and after their most consistent performance of the season against Chelsea, LVG will be looking at this game as a huge opportunity to turn the corner once and for all. And a after a hammering… (sorry) last weekend, and an early League Cup exit midweek to the Toon Army, City may just be there for taking.


But whether in-form or out of form, the thought of Aguero, even a half-fit Silva and a sulking Yaya, rampaging towards United’s current back four is enough to send shivers down the spine, and #DaveSaves trending worldwide. But Rooney IS back this weekend, and it’s his dynamism United have missed somewhat whilst Juan Mata has failed to cement the No 10 role during his absence. Wazza as we know is capable of very special things in this fixture and after his idiotic suspension, he needs to put in a performance which says to everyone, “I’m back”.


But the Manchester Derby is a funny old fixture, which normally see’s the form book go straight out the window, so it’s a tough one to call. But i’m more biased than a Fox News presenter so a United away win it is, corner turned, title charge underway at the Etihad. 

Score Prediction: Man City 1-2 Man Utd

In Form Prediction: Wayne Rooney

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FIFA 15 PS4 Version Gets First Patch: Stuttering Issues Fixed

Posted on October 15, 2014
FIFA 15 PS4 Version Gets First Patch: Stuttering Issues Fixed

FIFA 15 has received the first post-launch update on PlayStation 4 as EA continues to work on eliminating stuttering issues reported by some users.

The developer posted a blog on the official forums with the patch notes, and added that they’re aware of stuttering issues reported by some users on PS4.

“We believe we have made progress in our on-going investigation of the stuttering issues currently affecting a small percentage of PS4 users. If you’re affected by this issue please you can help us with our investigation by providing details to @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter,” the post read.

Below are the notes for the patch that was released today.

  • Fixed ‘search-by-name’ functionality in Career Mode
  • Added the latency indicator to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team so fans can view health of connection before entering an online match
  • Improved set-piece cameras in Online Seasons for Guest players
  • Corrected home crowds in Match Day Live matches
  • Fixed occurrences where the player would be unable to progress at the end of a FUT match due to the post-match menus not appearing
  • Fix to hospitality upgrades in Career Mode and Pro Clubs
  • Addressed exploit where players could infinitely switch kick-takers on set-pieces
  • Fixed occurrence where changes to the Subs and/or Reserves are not brought into Season matches

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Posted on October 04, 2014

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FIFA 15 Guide:Defending Against Skill Players

Posted on August 26, 2014

FIFA 15 is coming around the corner.Now you can learn exactly how to stop all the top skill players from taken on your defenders and beating them easily. Electronic Arts have this year introduced some amazing attacking features that really entice gamers to use the skill moves a lot more than they would have done in previous installments gone by.

fifa tips

With more players not scared to perform these exciting skill moves against your back-line, you’ll need to be prepared for what’s going to hit you this year. Thankfully we’ve got the best tips to give out on how your club can deal with this easily below:

The Space Apart Is key
Remember to always stay about 2 yards away from the attacker, you might think to stay tight but this is when the skilled player will perform his moves and go past you like it was taking candy from a baby. If you stay reasonably tight, but at the same time give yourself some space so that more support will arrive and you can wait for him to make a mistake, either by performing a move, or passing it backwards.

Whichever option he chooses, you have still contained the threat and a goal scoring opportunity has not arisen from their play.

Make Them Pass The Ball
If the skill player passes the ball then you’ve pretty much successfully beating him all ends up! It’s literally the last option of what a skill player would want to end up doing. A player with some silky flair that likes taking defenders on will more often than not try and do just that. So if you force them into a pass or cross, they’re more likely to give away possession, especially if you have big men at the back.

Contain and Jockey
Using the jockey and contain buttons is much more effective on FIFA 14 than in previous installments in the past. Using these features will put your defender in a side-wards stance which is the ideal position that you want him to be in. If you try and keep a couple of yards between you and the skilled forward, then this is also ideal as you can also run while jockeying this year too.

Be Patient and Don’t Rush Anything
Far too many gamers want to just dive in and retrieve the ball like it’s the easiest thing to do in the world. Well, it’s not and you will have to play the patient game in order to be rewarded with it. If you rush your defending, then you’ll be giving the opposition the best form of defensive opposition that they’ve ever come up against. Also, by just rushing everything you will risk getting your players yellow and red cards and FIFA 14 is hard enough to win with 11 on the pitch, let alone any less.

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The Glimpse of all the new FIFA 15 Features Details

Posted on August 14, 2014

The biggest and most popular game mode will be making a swift return to our consoles and personal computers come what September, so now’s a good time to give our readers the lowdown on what’s new in regards to features in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

fifa 15 feature

With just over 12 million users and that figure expected to rise when the new title arrives this fall, we take a look at the new additions to FUT 15 this year.

Brand New Base stat Attribute Added
This year will see the introduction of a brand new base stat attribute entitled PHY which is a shortened version of Physical. It’s to become the sixth component on a player in the FUT 15 world and it’s designed to show users which players have strength, decent jumping and a great engine in the way of stamina.

With this new stat, gamers can now carefully think about who they buy in the transfer market that possesses this trait and it will tell them if they can last a full 90 minutes on the pitch and if they have the physical capabilities to out-muscle opponents in challenges for the ball.

In past games gone by, the FUT community had to rely somewhat on defence and heading to estimate if a player had the physical side the their game. Now it’ll be even easier to spot which players have this in their locker and make Ultimate Team a whole different ball-game when FIFA 15 arrives this Autumn

FUT 15 Friendly Seasons
The new friendly seasons game mode will allow gamers to challenge their friends in a 1 v 1 type version of the online seasons concept. This will make rubbing salt in the wounds of your best friends and grabbing all of the bragging rights so much more fun.

New Concept Squads Feature
A new squad planning tool has been created by EA this year that’s called the Concept Squads, and it allows users to shuffle around and look for their best team by testing players out in various different positions that they don’t own yet and see if the team chemistry sticks.

This is a great touch by the developers and a really clever feature to include in this years title as it will help a lot of newbies to Ultimate Team find their perfect starting eleven. You can use this powerful tool to find new signings with or to get rid of a poor player in your club and look for a replacement that you can afford with coins.

FUT 15 Loan Signings
As reported back in May when the pre-order bonuses were announced, you’ll now be able to try and test out any players before going all-in and purchasing them from the auction rooms thanks to the new loan market feature. You can now sign players from the transfer market for a limited amount of games just to get a feel for them and see if they’d fit into your team and do well for you.

If the player is not for you, then you don’t have to sign him on a full length contract for loads of FUT coins. This would be a good tactic to use so pay full attention. When in a tournament final, we recommend that you loan someone mind-blowing like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar and win the tournament to get more coins then discard the player’s loan period. It’s a good tactic worth thinking about leading into the first couple of weeks into the game’s release.

New Legends Added For Xbox Users
As we reported yesterday, there will be some new Legends for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team that include the likes of Jay-Jay Okocha, Alan Shearer, Michael and Brian Laudrup and many more including the 41 carried over from 14. The Legends more will however still be an Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive. So PlayStation users will not have any access to this feature unfortunately.

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How to Get Chants in FIFA Ulitimate Team

Posted on July 26, 2014

The soccer game “Fifa Ulitimate Team” has depictions of real players, but none of the real chants fans might use at a game. Those chants can be added so players can personalize their gaming experience. The additions can cover an entire team or a single player. The chant process involves sourcing a suitable sound file using your desktop computer. The sound file must be uploaded to the PlayStation 3 or Xbox, and then installed into your game.


1)Go to a football chanting site (see Resources) and download a chant sound file to the desktop of your computer.
2)Plug in a USB memory stick and transfer the sound file from your computer to the USB memory stick.
3)Remove the USB stick once the sound file has been transferred and plug the stick into the PS3.
4)Turn on the console and go to the “Music” menu on the left
5)Press the “Triangle” button when the USB stick is shown onscreen. Press on the sound file and transfer it to the console.
6)Choose “My Fifa ” in the game menu followed by “My Music & Chants” and “Custom Music & Chants.”
7)Assign a chant to “Favorite Team” for a team chant, or “Virtual Pro” for an individual. Use “Clubs And Leagues” to assign a chant to every team in the game.

1)Go a football chanting site and download a sound file of a chant to your PC’s desktop.
2)Copy and burn the sound file on to an audio CD using your computer’s pre-installed software.
3)Insert the CD in the Xbox.
4)Click the “My Xbox” channel and click on “Music Library.” Click on “Current Disk” and choose “Rip CD.”
5)Press the “A” button on the joy pad twice to confirm the operations, then press “Save Changes.” Follow the same instructions from Section 1 to install the chants.

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Neymar’s injury hurts Brazil, 2014 World Cup

Posted on July 17, 2014

FORTALEZA, Brazil — Hindsight can make anything seem fatalistic, but it is impossible not to think back just a couple of days.


In an attempt to bring calm to a turbulent week of preparations for the quarterfinal versus Colombia, the Brazilian Football Confederation press department unveiled Neymar for a news conference in their Teresopolis training camp. It was manna from heaven for over 300 journalists from all over the planet, and he didn’t let people down, especially when playing down the pressure to perform by saying he was having the time of his life.

“I have dreamed for 12 years of the chance to play in a World Cup for Brazil, and now that I am, why should I be afraid instead of enjoying it?” he asked.

Thanks to a seemingly cowardly challenge by Juan Camillo Zuñiga, Neymar’s dream was ended Friday night on the Castelao pitch. Floored after being whacked on the back by the Colombian defender’s right knee, the Barcelona forward suffered a broken vertebra; although it is not career threatening, the injury is bad enough to keep him out of the tournament on which the Brazilian desperately wanted to leave his mark.

It will surely be heartbreaking news for every Brazilian remotely interested in football, but nobody else will be as down and out as the 22-year-old. Fearless on the pitch, he had been more than Brazil’s top scorer in the tournament and their biggest hero since 2010. He was their hope of doing the unexpected in edging the Seleção ahead of the competition.

It’s true that Lionel Messi has delivered much more regularly for Argentina in this World Cup, literally bailing out the Albiceleste in every single one of their four games so far. But Messi is the owner of four Ballon d’Or trophies and was never under the same pressure to deliver when he debuted for Argentina in Germany 2006. Neymar, on the other hand, is making his World Cup debut at home and was singled out as the player to lead by example. That he didn’t freak out and hide was already remarkable; to have hit the ground running from Game 1 as he did is the stuff of dreams.

It’s easy to forget that Neymar has only just completed his first season in Europe. Surrounded by teammates with much more mileage and experience, he looked much older and wiser with the Selecao. When striker Fred said in an interview that the team were ready to “throw the ball to him and expect great things,” it was no joke.

This kid has been such a breath of fresh air in Brazilian football that public opinion demanded his inclusion in Brazil’s 2010 World Cup squad only for then-manager Dunga to rule it out. Ironically, Neymar popped up every once in a while in South African stadiums thanks to his TV commercial for one of the tournament sponsors, who aired a piece in which the teenager juggled a football alongside Santos FC teammate Robinho, who was actually a Seleção player in that World Cup.


Smiling and frequently attempting some outrageous dribble, the striker quickly formed a substantial fan club, helped by a scoring tally that would automatically be compared to what a younger Pele had been doing in his early days. Neymar would finish the 2010 season with 43 goals, but had already won the status of “next big thing” by then. Pelé himself even decided to butt in and ask Dunga to consider recruiting the boy.

After Brazil’s quarterfinal exit in which the lack of inspiration upfront was more shocking then their breakdown against the Netherlands, Neymar’s arrival was just a matter of time, and incoming manager Mano Menezes didn’t even blink. Debuting and scoring in a 2-0 win over the U.S., Neymar became the Seleção’s top scorer, and Brazilians enthused for him in a way that hadn’t been seen since Ronaldinho.

From a marketing standpoint, he was also piping hot. There were moments of doubt and criticism, but by the time the 2014 World Cup started, the Seleção was Neymar plus 10 others on the pitch for Brazilians and whoever else was watching the team.

While some colleagues clearly looked rattled by the responsibility of playing a World Cup at home and by the task of redeeming Brazil from their shame of 1950, Neymar really looked at home and at ease, even though he did shed a tear or two while singing the national anthem in their opening game against Croatia in São Paulo. Then, when he walked toward the penalty spot to take a kick against Chile after Hulk and Willian had missed, he knew it was a date with destiny. Coolly wrong-footing the keeper, Neymar looked ready to follow the footsteps of his idol Ronaldo, whose success in 2002 inspired him even to copy the horrendous haircut the former Inter Milan and Barcelona player wore in that tournament.

These days in Brazil, kids from all walks of life imitate Neymar. In a recent Dutch practice session in Rio, one of Dirk Kuyt’s kids scored a goal in a kickabout and celebrated by shouting “Neymar.”


Neymar’s absence is a huge blow to Brazil’s hope of lifting a sixth World Cup title. There is no point in comparing this situation with Pele’s injury in 1962 because that tournament was contested by a Seleção that not only boasted the likes of Garrincha and Didi, they were also peppered with veterans from Brazil’s successful 1958 campaign.

Now the Seleção face Germany in the semifinal on Tuesday having to deal with the biggest nightmare scenario one could have imagined for the hosts before the World Cup began. It is not an understatement to say Brazilians will wake up on Saturday feeling quite deflated; even German fans might agree that the tournament lost a lot of its charm with the departure of yet another major protagonist.

The Seleção, however, will have to answer the question about what they could do having lost their biggest star. Given that he helped them get that far in the competition, his teammates owe him a display of courage. They need to leave their hearts and souls on the pitch in Belo Horizonte in a couple of days, while supporters will be more crucial than even in spurring the team forward.

Neymar deserves that so that his sacrifice won’t be in vain.

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