MapleStory 2 Tips On Farming Crystal And Blue Star

Posted on November 07, 2016

This article will help you complete daily to earn crystal and blue star rewards in MapleStory 2. Hope this page will save your time.

MapleStory 2 Striker in Cherry Blossom PQ (Level 16 Party Quest)


Note: Can solo when Level 30 and above. Otherwise, look for party members to defeat bosses!
Location: Green Forest Trail | 2 maps to the north from Tria.

MapleStory 2 Striker in Plant Party Quest (Level 17) – SOLO


Location: Oasis Town | 1 map to the south from Kerning City

MapleStory 2 Priest vs Chicken Party Quest (Level 24) – SOLO

Location: Andrea Family Manor | 2 maps to the east from Tria

MapleStory 2 Hide and Seek Party Quest (Level 29) – SOLO

Location: Orne Town | 1 map to the west from Ellinia

MapleStory 2 Priest vs Pig Party Quest (Level 37) – SOLO

Location: Western Guard Tower | 2 maps to the east from Kerning City

MapleStory 2 Crystal and Blue Star Farming Guide (Level 48)

Location-1: Bone Bridge Bridge Construction | 4 maps to the east from Henesys
Location-2: Grina Crossroads | 3 maps to the south from Henesys
Location-3: Peru Peru Highlands | 1 map to the south from Perion

MapleStory 2 Striker in Trial of Valor (Level 48) – SOLO

Location: Peaks of Valor | 1 map to the east from Perion

MapleStory 2 Striker in Illusion Pyramid Dungeon (Level 50) – SOLO

Location: Red Sand Rock | 1 map to the west from Minar Town at Karkar Island

MapleStory 2 Striker in Frozen Sanctuary Dungeon (Level 50) – SOLO

Location: Moonlight Garden | 3 maps to the north from Minar Town at Karkar Island

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MapleStory 2: Instructions Of Nexon Cash Top-up

Posted on November 05, 2016

Do you want to top-up Nexon Cash for Maplestory 2? Follow these steps.

First thing you should to do is login to your Nexon account at the official MapleStory2 website. Once you are logged in follow the step by step instructions below.

To purchase Korean Nexon Cash we only have the option of buying game cards online, unless you live in Korea. The following are the different kinds of game cards eligible for nx cash top-up: Oncash, BooknLife, Happy-Money, GT Card, TeenCash.


Check That You Are Eligible For Nexon Cash Top-up

Click the ‘Nexon Cash’ button in the top right hand corner of the website. Near the game start button.
Go to ‘Account Security Preferences’.
Click ‘Nexon Cash Security Preferences’.
Go further into security preferences.
Enter password and hit okay.
If ‘메이플스토리2’ is already ticked then lucky you, this means you are eligible to buy and top up Nexon Cash. If not ticked, you will be unable to top up Nexon Cash for use in MapleStory2. This is because you will have to re-verify your Korean Nexon account if you decide to make any changes to the preferences. This is a safety measure so that the person trying to spend real life currency in-game is the account holder and not a hacker/bot. So if you bought your account online you are out of luck as they usually don’t have the greatest support. If you had a korean friend make an account for you then just ask them to re-verify

Le’ts Top-up Nexon Cash While You Are Eligible

From the last page we left off you will see this ‘Nexon Cash’ button on the top of the page. Click it.
Click the top-up button.
A pop-up will appear. Tick all the boxes and click okay.
Select the type of cash card you have purchased and wish to use.
Tick the circle and select the amount you want to top-up.
Follow image instructions in numbering order.
You will get a completion of purchase message. Click the okay button.

You have successfully purchased your Nexon Cash points! Now you can purchase your Merit points in game, get all the awesome costumes and other items.

Other Way To Get Maplestory 2 Nexon Cash

Hope this tutorial would help you! By the way If you want to buy Maplestory 2 items, you can choose Buy Cheap Maplestory 2 Nexon Cash on They also provide Cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos For Sale.

Maplestory: Alishan Event Shao Boss

Posted on November 03, 2016

Going through the content of Alishan, gamers have been having trouble kill any mobs. But, during the boss fight with Shao, when she uses the Full Map AoE, it is literally impossible for you to deal with her damage or adds. You damage isn’t nearly high enough to kill any of the mobs that she summons. You could come back later, but it would require you to do the entire train sequence again, and it’s not like you can just magically get new gear that will solve this problem. This should be a slight warning to anyone who has literally no funding at all. You probably won’t be able to do the boss fight unless you are completely inept at playing Maplestory as an entirety, which is a huge possibility. If you’re unfunded and you can kill Shao, good on you.

Here’s the problem with this boss: 1. Why the hell should I lose exp every time I die? I know we get free charms but only 3 a day. With how challenging this boss is and how easy it is to die, we shouldn’t lose exp when we die.
1. The level scaling sucks for higher levels. Again I’m level 239 and have around a 700k range. The scaling makes this boss lame as hell.
2. The air that pushes you up is buggy. I have a hard time landing it and when I do, 70% of the time I can’t even land on the platform.

You’ll lose EXP if you die (and start over again), so get some Safety Charm.

Watch this YouTube video would help a bit:

To Beat Alishan:
1. You spawn on top platform, jump down and attack her a bit
2. She’ll teleport to the left / right side of the screen, and launching 3/4/5 mobs towards you
3. You will die if any of the mob hit you (sometimes they may miss, but don’t take chances)
4. During this process she’s invulnerable, so concentrate on dodging those mobs (flash jump, etc)
5. Although upward wind on the right side of the map can blow you up, it’s uncontrollable, do not use it
6. Once she stop launching mobs, you can attack for a short time, and she’ll teleport again.
7. At one point she’ll teleport into the center of the map and spawn slow moving mobs, those mob can be killed (try dodge, kill them)
8. Repeat dodging process, totally around 4 rounds till you kill her.

Analysis of Abolisher Class in ArcheAge

Posted on August 16, 2014

Abolisher (Battlerage + Defense + Auramancy) is the most popular melee class in ArcheAge online game, but not every abolisher feel this class is very powerful you need know.

archeage abolisher

Yes, the melee king of Abolisher has quite a strong ability, however, due to restrictions by the skill points, you will meet the problem how to choose the skill to learn in leveling, dungeons and PVP. For example, as the output is not high, main rely on the strong of control skills to win in the combat, but you also take into account the passive skills, so you always need wait the recovery of CD after cast a round of skills in farming mobs. Of course, this problem can be get some improvement by pet-assisted way, but when you want to PVP, main need the control and anti-control of skills, the output becomes less important, so you need reset your skills points and improve your skill level. It is very painful thing for it, and difficult to achieve a perfect balance.

For equipment, choose the heavy armor first, but only have physic defense without any magic defense. This setting is completely beyond our cognitive for the equipment of previous game (light armor with high magic defense and low physic defense, medium armor with relative average magic defense and physic defense, heavy armor with high physic defense and low magic defense). So if you choose the Abolisher, make sure you have much ArcheAge Gold in the game, otherwise, do you want to prepare a light armors to join PVP?

Summary: For Abolisher, definitely is not a good choice for normal ArcheAge players for leveling, farm dungeons and PVP. If you have enough ArcheAge gold for reset your skill points and equipment, personally do not recommend to play Abolisher class in ArcheAge online game.

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You guys have me leaning towards hero right now

Posted on May 08, 2013

You guys have me leaning towards hero right now. The only reason I kinda said they’re similar is because all 3 of them share a buff that makes them 1v1 with all the skills. As a hero you can use a 1h/2h sword/axe right? What’s the best setup? And wow thanks for pointing out the 150 hyper. MapleStory Powerleveling. I really like actually having to do something or timing buffs properly instead of just hitting a button so that also is a plus for me, and I won’t be doing much status heavy bosses until at least 170 anyways.

Most classes have 3 skill types in fourth job for killing things:

Ultimate (Large AOE)

Heroes only have Raging Blow, which they use for 1v1 (with enrage) and mobbing (without), they also lack a true ‘ultimate’. MapleStory Mesos. So whereas most classes switch between them, Heroes just use a skill to change their attack from a 1v1 to a mobbing attack.

OT: Make the Hero, the gap in status resist is much smaller when you realize that the lvl 150 hyperskill for heroes grants 100% status resistance for 30 seconds, in most bossing scenarios timing this properly is much more effective than relying on a flat 70% rate. (Mulung Dojo comes to mind)

The only problem is Heroes require a lot of SP and hyperskills to reach their full potential interms of dpm, so Mihiles will do more damage in the short run I believe.

Some decent methods to create MapleStory Mesos

Posted on April 02, 2013

Using MapleStory Mesos investment, these organizations happen to become able of getting compensate of financial concepts, for example, economies of scale, by buying in huge quantities to reduce expenses. Funds could are actually utilized on evaluation too as development to hold a seem at methods for building much better pv robustness panels.

Additionally, there may be a great offer much less headache upon these chinese language courses words businesses as being a solution to remain to air pollution and even ecological standards, as proven by way of the 4-day demonstration within Haining precisely wherever several hundred villagers accused the pvrobustness manufacturing plant linked with releasing harmful poisons in to a local water. ideal now only near to 17, 1000 homes are create collectively with insulating materials each and just about every year.

Incidentally, once the rentals are supplied the installments shift previously pointed out throughout the fresh owner.All of those features own permitted. The much east to decide a effective grip within the organisation as well as to become able to produce pv panels at costs that are actually uncommon formerly. You’ll be able to yield a attending at all our MapleStory instructions with all of the best access MapleStory Powerleveling making tactics!

There goes on to be an common fall linked with 33% this few of years too as professionals are predicting a additional fall just before the 12 weeks is out, so there goes on to be completely no much better time to fit your must spend money on comparatively cheap photovoltaic sections. In relation to labour costs in countries by way of illustration the United states, Germany too because country, Chinese’s labour is title to become substantially cheaper.

However, people these times may maybe need to wait around roughly to decide regardless of whether additional financial savings could be produced from China’s dominance outdoors of your organisation as well as the visibility linked with make trades among countries.

MapleStory Mesos is really a free of charge, online MMOG which presently offers more than one zillion gamers. Along with creatures in order to battle, missions to accomplish, buddies to create, and a lot of locations, MapleStory provides a prosperity associated with problems. What’s much more, because the online game consists of adorable figures as well as lots of surroundings, actually the actual most youthful game player may appreciate actively.

Maplestory Mesos with a fast delivery method

Posted on March 26, 2013

Now, I am stocked in crafting content articles articles concerning the theme. aim tougher or end attempting the job, it is assortment query for me and my workmates. possibly I will may be found out all through one a whole whole lot more purpose that is meet for me within a bigger degree. However, I will regard the method with all my vitality so extended as I am on duty.

I have no pursuits in pc games, even even although they are fascinating and simulative to play. you may possibly properly think which i am a uninteresting person. While, I am the just one to turn into delighted devoid of pc games. I have truly believed that there will most almost certainly be any relation in in between my life-style and pc games, for example MapleStory Mesos.However, every one of the sudden I may be found out all through which i am wrong. I have by no suggests believed that my purpose have tightly relation with Maple tale mesos.

Therefore, I will try my extremely most effective to create a terrific provide a whole whole lot more content articles articles about Maple Story.This particular notion operates nicely for the do it yourself personally regardless of in circumstance you are on the way to be the MapleStory Soldier, Wizard, Bowman or Crook merely merely contemplating that just about every solo and just about every character plan necessities like a complete exceptional provide mesos as they are in a location to to purchase possibly probably the most advantageous shield and products which they are in a location to possibly commit for.

If you need a complete exceptional provide a terrific provide a whole whole lot more particulars on producing a complete exceptional provide a terrific provide a whole whole lot more Mesos quick within of Buy MapleStory Powerleveling, you’ll possess the ability to sustain a glance whatsoever our MapleStory directions with especially about possibly probably the most advantageous acquire Mesos-making tactics!

Therefore, while you can possibly be levelling your character inside the over the internet game, you’ll acquire loads of quest factors that could then wind up receiving marketed to other fellow MapleStory gamers which may be searching for to finish the legitimate quest speedily, devoid of acquiring these cell cellular phones make an work to devote an superb provide of your time to go apart also to combat for that quest factors on their own.

Quests you can do to make maplestory mesos

Posted on March 25, 2013

Now,there are really quite a few methods to create MapleStory Mesos,amount of in actuality work. I’m not saying mine will work, but if you’re lucky, they could.Whenever you see a maple coin, go get it. Do whatever you have to. Steal them, kill the mob for them, what ever you really feel like. when you have enough, speak with Spiegelmann and purchase the greatest level objects you can. Do only a tiny investigation and see which weapons NPC for the greatest price. fifty coins could rake in over 1mil. and also this arrives about even although you educate so fast exp and some decent mesos.

Lots of quests give terrific rewards.Just actively playing through the film game and completing quests can provide you with adequate mesos to purchase potions, weapons, and armor. Quests can hold numerous several hours to finish plus they dont frequently possess the really best reward. I advise you start looking up the quests before to attempting them.Now this could be an effective, but really risky technique. earliest you need near to 10k NX. Go to Mushroom Shrine .

Although now my Guide will solve this problem for anyone.Now at Meso-Guide along with our complete MapleStory Package all our members will receive access to our Meso & Leveling Video Guides. Our members can now follow along in the guide while watching our videos that show the best places to level, make mesos, and how to get there. So just enjoy this wonderful Free Guide, take it easy, make much of Cheap MapleStory Powerleveling is the coming time.

Use all of your tickets and you also will most possibly obtain a specific thing worth over 10mil. I can practically ensure an maplestory objects worth near to 10m when producing utilization of mushroom shrine.. unless you have horrible luck.Now lets say you obtain a 30% claw for attk scroll. best suited now on Broa, thats about 23m. You can choose the make trades tab best suited subsequent for the nx store and market that for about 5k NX. You just obtained an additional 5 tickets best suited there.

I dont know if this could be totally real but i’ve noticed that you simply can’t have any objects for the soil or any other people nowadays by you when you utilize Gochapon or else you will acquire objects that aren’t worth really much.When I first started playing MapleStory I like most people ran around with very little Mesos. I was constantly searching for something that I could sell in order to upgrae my armor. Go to Gochapon and use your 10k NX to purchase 11 tickets.

Now if you actually hold on to finish this, you could be really rich! But this could be really risky contemplating your producing utilization of real money. you can complete owning much less mesos within your wallet and in your character then you definitely began with.Thanks for the reading,hope that will provide you with some help to create a whole whole lot much more MapleStory Mesos and enjoying maplestory film game really much!

The particular affordable MapleStory Mesos idea

Posted on March 22, 2013

When you’re get satisfaction from within of maplestory,you’ll uncover it is considerably extra and very much extra challenging to create MapleStory Mesos using the figure, You cannot proceed the common online game in circumstance you exhaust money, and it’s also really complicated to obtain ranges devoid of mega pixel cooking pots, furthermore to Hewlett Packard cooking pots.

This time near to We attributes collected some great actions to go with your needs to create a lot mesos.Nexon has released its latest major update for the game, Alliance Unbound, and it’s placing a bounty on every E.T. and Klingon you can find. Nasty space critters are causing town-demolishing earthquakes in the area, and what’s worse is that their technology is somewhat more advanced than swords or clubs.

This may be really apparent nonetheless individuals usually just permit perfect now there mesos slide by utilizing toward ground. allow us place it within viewpoint, if I wiped out 1000 pigs to obtain levels, furthermore to do not obtain the particular mesos I merely lost 30k. may maybe nicely appear an amazing offer concerning ‘abnormal’ quantities but once the harming genitals, or maybe malady’s that almost two hundred mesos every one beast.

While a majority of the content for Alliance Unbound is for high-level characters, there’s still plenty for lowbies to do as well. The main update quest line opens up at level 15 and offers both a high- and low-level version.

While a majority of the content for Alliance Unbound is for high-level characters, there’s still plenty for lowbies to do as well. The main update quest line opens up at level 15 and offers both a high- and low-level version.It’s a bad day to be an alien in MapleStory Powerleveling and a good day to be a player. Nexon has released its latest major update for the game, Alliance Unbound, and it’s placing a bounty on every E.T. and Klingon you can find.

Nasty space critters are causing town-demolishing earthquakes in the area, and what’s worse is that their technology is somewhat more advanced than swords or clubs.Obtaining involved in most from the game? Gamers missions is certainly a pleasant tactic to proceed adequate time within Maple account furthermore to the sure-fire approach to racking up very much extra from the important Mesos furthermore to gaining loads of come upon to level up extra rapidly.

The update has plenty of meat to it in other ways. A gigantic 31-part quest chain has been added to Ellin Forest for level 95s in which players will jump back in time and explore the making of one of the key regions in the game. There’s also a nifty and powerful alien socket system that grants players the ability to upgrade weapons.

Finally, Nexon’s got plenty of new Event Cards and a collection system to keep players busy.Buying/trading products is certainly an advantageous with one another with lucrative know-how that many Maplers should certainly consider the time to recognize that, in circumstance executed correctly, could make you wealthy really swiftly.The particular affordable MapleStory Mesos  idea will be to uncover decrease cost and market higher!