A higher level means faster and more powerful attacks

Posted on March 05, 2013

Possessing both dexterity and strength, the Bowman is a class that strikes at foes with pin-point accuracy.

For the Bowman, a higher level means faster and more powerful attacks . The Bowman also displays strength and agility in areas with varied terrain.

After the 2nd Job Advancement, the Bowman learns weapon-specific skills that help decimate enemies from afar.Maplestory Mesos.

The Bowman’s hometown is Henesys, located in the southern hills of Victoria Island. At level 10, go see Athena Pierce in Bowman Instructional School to learn how to become a Bowman.

Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity is by far the most important characteristic for a Bowman. It’s the primary statistic used in calculating ranged weapon damage and the chance that you will hit your opponents. Most of your Ability points should go into DEX.

Strength (STR): Strength is a secondary characteristic for Bowmen because certain pieces of equipment require a certain level of STR in order to use them.

Pro Tip: The distribution of Ability Points is very important for a Bowman and there are many opinions on the proper way to distribute Ability Points. It’s recommended you seek out the advice of fellow players when building your Bowman.

Community Round-Up: 02/11

Posted on December 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving may not be for another few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped us already getting into the spirit of things. In a RuneScape first, we’re offering you the chance to choose your own Thanksgiving-related title that will be added into the game to celebrate the festival! Submit your entries here.

Pro PvPers take to the Duel Arena

Ever wondered who’d win in a fight between Silentc0re and S0 Wrecked? Reckon Regicidal would wipe the floor with Soft Pillow? Wonder no more as we present to you the first official YouTuber PvP Duel Arena tournament! Find out more about the fights here.

Combat Academy

With this week’s large Evolution of Combat update, we’ll also be launching the Combat Academy. The Combat Academy is a new tutorial system for that will help you get to grips with all of the new and exciting features of the Evolution of Combat. Not only will you receive a generous XP reward for completing the tutorial, there will also be a whole host of fun competitions happening throughout the weekend to celebrate its release!

Fansite News

All of the fansites are as busy as ever and Zaffre.net is no exception as they venture into the God Wars Dungeon. This one isn’t for the faint of heart as the groups attempt to take down the minions of Zamorak and slay K’ril Tsutsaroth. Find out more and gear up here.

In need of some Livid Farm tips? RuneHQ’s Miss Sarah has you covered in her extensive video guide that details the best way to unlock the additional Lunar spells from the minigame.

Movellas Competition

Over the past few months we ran a competition with Movellas to allow RuneScape players to write their own RuneScape stories. After many hours of reading all of the great submissions, we have selected our winners! You can read the winning RuneScape stories here.

Weekly Twitter Competition

Did you know that there are lots of chances to win great prizes every Wednesday? Make sure to follow @RuneScape on Twitter to get involved!

Fan Art

Following on from last week’s spooky theme, we have another great piece of fan art from Tip.it user tripsis!

If you want to see your fan art featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at [email protected]

That’s it for the Community Round-Up this week. Be sure to teleport on over to the forums and discuss what you’ll be up to this week with the rest of the community!

Evolution of Combat Launches 20th November!

Posted on December 12, 2012

For further information on the Evolution of Combat Release, see the following news items:

  • Survey Results
  • One-Click Combat
  • Upcoming Changes
  • Skilling

After five months of feedback and fine-tuning, the time is finally here: we’re hugely excited to be able to announce the official live launch date of the Evolution of Combat: the 20th of November 2012!

With thousands of hours of playtime from yourselves and hundreds of changes to the system from your feedback, we’re now looking forward to a new era in RuneScape. Once the Evolution of Combat has been released, you can look forward to some great new boss monsters and combat-related updates that would never have been possible previously.

We also had an overwhelmingly positive response to the Combat Academy and survey that launched last week and are now making some small tweaks and adjustments prior to launch.

Naturally, you’ll have lots of questions about the Evolution of Combat now that the date is confirmed, and we’re going to be running a live stream this weekend to address these. You can post your questions in the forums here. In the meantime, check out our FAQ.

There will also be further news posts over the next few days, detailing key changes and how best to prepare for the launch. While it’s securely founded in the RuneScape combat you know so well, it contains an array of large-scale improvements and new features, including:

  • Abilities: These are a replacement for the old special attacks found on weapons, but they’re an whole different beast. Divided up into three classes: basic, threshold and ultimate, these do more damage than regular attacks and cause a range of nasty negative effects to your opponent, such as damage over time or stuns. Some may even bestow positive effects, healing you or further boosting your damage output for a set amount of time. Making sound use of abilities will push your combat prowess to new heights.
  • Adrenaline: This new resource is built each time you hit an enemy with an auto-attack, or with a basic ability. It’s spent when you use the more powerful threshold and ultimate abilities, and when you eat food in combat, so you’ll want to build it as quickly as possible during a fight.
  • Action Bar: This handy new interface holds all your ability buttons, and can give quick access to essentials such as potions, food and utility items.
  • Armour and Life Points: The armour you wear now greatly affects your maximum life points. The Evolution of Combat is balanced with this in mind, so you’ll need to gear up to stand up to your foes!
  • Dual Wielding: That’s right – with the launch of the Evolution of Combat, this much-requested feature will be fully implemented. With abilities specific to dual-wielded weapons and increased gear choices for mages such as wands and orbs, your choice of gear loadout has never been more varied. Off-hand versions of most weapons will be made available once the Evolution of Combat launches, so no need to go out and buy duplicates of your favourites just yet.
  • And Much More:We’ve introduced far too many new features, tweaks and improvements to list here, but some of the biggest are as follows:
    • We’ve filled out gaps in gear progression, including loads of brand-new level 50 gear and new options for mages and rangers.
    • The combat triangle is more important than ever, and you’ll need to take careful count of your foe’s fighting style to prevail.
    • There’s an array of awesome-looking new animations for the new abilities and distinct combat styles.

We’ve also listened carefully to feedback from those among you who know and particularly enjoy the current system. With your input in mind, we’ve made many changes to the Evolution of Combat which will allow you to continue playing with the traditional style of combat, while also benefiting from the raft of improvements the update brings.

For full details, take a look at our FAQ or our quick guide on the wiki. If you haven’t already, you can also still log into the beta and give the new system a whirl – be sure to try out the new Combat Academy in Lumbridge while you’re there!

Just two weeks to go – plant the date securely in your calendar, because you won’t want to miss the Evolution of Combat launch!