TERA Archer in PvE/PvP Guides

Posted on June 26, 2018

You can be dangerous as archer too, but you have to do more, to be dangerous than on other classes. To be dangerous as the archer in 1vs1 or 3vs3 you need a lot of experience and training. There are other classes which are more dangerous with less experience and training. For example, warriors and slayers have a sick mobility, dmg and nearly everything you need for a strong class. Brawlers and lancers have a sick defense and since patch sick dmg too.

TERA Archer

Archer is an older class, with an older design which is in serious need of some buffs or enhancements. It ‘can’ still be great both PvP and PvE… But the qualifier on that relies even more heavily on the player utilizing the skillset and playstyle than pretty much any other class.

At its most basic level, the class does reasonably well as a DPS… Nothing too outstanding, but still not quite the worst in most situations. It kinda sits at a sort of happy (possibly boring), no pressure middle just using a 4-5 skill rotation. But that is essentially where the class has its biggest setback. Unlike a source who has to remain stationary when doing heavy damage, or the gunner who still needs to remain at close range, at higher levels the archer has the mobility to do hit and run and still keep up consistent damage. You don’t do enough spike damage to pull aggro (even before they buffed tanks) so the amount of dodging you have to do with bosses tends to only be related to room mechanics or whatever ranged projectile gets sent your way. Because of this lack of pressure, and the fact that the archer usually tends to be off, away from the party, there isn’t that big demand for skillfulness that you have with other classes.

To kinda define it further, generalizing the majority of players; while the Tank and Healer are the kids who study hard in school to ace every test or else dealing with angry parents (party members), the slayer, zerker, and most the other DPS classes being those kids who make an honest effort now and then make the B honor roll just so they don’t have anyone complain, and to maybe bring home a trophy every now and then, the Archer tends to be the kid who sleeps in, occasionally does their homework when they absolutely have to, and tends to be fine with a good C average, and nobody really cares either way unless they really screw up. That’s not to say that there aren’t Archers out there that make the A or B honor roll, just that the pressure to maintain that isn’t really there, and most don’t even recognize it when it happens.

They can be good, but only if you have the personal resolve to stick with it and put in extra effort even when nobody notices or it doesn’t change anything. Arguably one of the easiest to learn, hardest to master classes. (Not much different from warriors… which are probably the hardest class to be competent with, hardest to master. There are people who are good or great with warriors. U4GM as an expert tera online gold web page offers secure, speedy and low-priced TERA gold for you. With more than ten years of excellence, we’ve got served a vast number of clients. If you are hesitating exactly where to buy cheap tera gold, U4GM will likely be a good selection.