Tears of Guthix: Go with the Flow

Posted on December 12, 2012


Tears of Guthix: Go with the Flow

If you’ve never tried Tears of Guthix before, it’s a cool D&D located under Lumbridge which – after completing the short Tears of Guthix quest – can be played up to once a week for a handy XP boost to your lowest-levelled skill. It’s steeped in RuneScape lore too, as you’ll tell stories of your adventures to Juna – a serpentine servant of Guthix – in exchange for a short time catching the XP-giving tears.

The first thing veterans among you will notice is the full graphical rework. Juna, now super-sized and draped across the entrance to the tears alcove, makes for an imposing sight as she unravels the skeins of your fate. The tears themselves now make for a stunning cascade down the beautifully re-rendered walls, and the light creatures shimmer eerily as you make your way through the cave.

We’ve multiplied XP gain in the cave by three times, bringing it in line with equivalent areas of gameplay. The biggest boost comes to high-level players, though. Those of you with 80 Crafting and Mining can make an ornate and extra-large bowl for up to five times the XP gain you’d have got before the update.

We’ve made some technical tweaks so that switching between the streams of tears is quicker and feels more responsive. We’ve also updated the Games Necklace so it can be used to teleport directly to Juna’s cave. The new interface we’ve built for it includes keyboard shortcuts so, it’s quicker and easier to use than ever.

Whether it’s your first time collecting the tears, it’s a cozy part of your weekly routine, or you’ve been waiting for a reason get back into the flow, it’s the best time ever to drink deeply from the Tears of Guthix.

Mod Wilson

How to start Tears of Guthix:

  • First, you must complete the Tears of Guthix quest, which has the following requirements:
    • 44 Quest Points
    • 20 Crafting
    • 49 Firemaking
    • 20 Mining
  • You may then complete the D&D once per week, but you also need to have obtained at least one of the following since you last collected the tears:
    • 1 Quest Point
    • 100,000 XP. This can be shared across any number of skills.

Other requirements:

In order to craft the improved bowl, you must have at least the following. You will then be able to talk to Juna to begin the process of making the bowl:

  • 80 Crafting
  • 80 Mining

Behind the Scenes Video

If you haven’t already, you can take a whistle-stop tour of the Tears of Guthix content in our latest Behind the Scenes video:

In Other News

  • We’ve fixed a bug where near-maxed level players were not receiving Dungeoneering XP from Tears of Guthix, when they should have.
  • Solomon’s Store is now stocking Dragon Keepsake Keys. One of these handy objects will allow you to convert any wearable item into a cosmetic re-skin for your gear, so you can truck down into the QBD’s lair with your p-hat proudly on display. Log into Solomon’s General Store to treat yourself, or check out our FAQ if you have any questions.
  • Yelps has introduced D&D Tokens onto the Squeal of Fortune. Fancy an extra go per week on Tears of Guthix? Check out our FAQ for more details!


SWTOR – F2P model… good and bad…

Posted on December 12, 2012

Hey peeps, some of you already know that SWTOR is finally F2P… Well, in theory the game is F2P, unfortunately the F2P component is not exactly what I call ideal. Is very limited and you cant play effectively as a F2P player.

There is a few good things in the new model, its free to try it out and you can get extra stuff with real money, if you really like the game. You can buy the things you need and get away with it, if you do have the money to expend in a short burst… (Credit Cards are wonderful sometimes!!!).

The bad thing is that your F2P experience is going to be very restricted unless you put some real money into the game, its kinda strange that after all the failures and mishaps in SWTOR, the developers want to force people into giving them money, its a bit more pleasing if you are persuaded into giving them a few bucks from time to time…

I am serious, the game is forcing you to put some money into it, otherwise you wont be able to do the most basic things like using all your skills, because you only have 1 skill bar as a F2P player, you need to buy more skill bars if you want more hotkeys and the ability to use your skills.

I can understand that you limit the ammount of warzones and instances that you can do as a F2P member… but, CMON!!!! I need the skill bars to play the game, one skill bar is not even good enough at all if you have a level 50 character.

Right now, SWTOR is not F2P, its a trial version with a F2P mask on top of it. At the best, the Rift Freebie trial is a lot better than the whole SWTOR model… Sometimes I wonder why in the hell they decided to do this and call it F2P, maybe it looks good in their financial sheet, after all, they are lacking subscribers.

In conclusion, The F2P model is a Trial version of the game, you still need to pay if you want the full package and not just extras. If you do want to play the F2P game…

Roundtable: Has The Industry Grown Up?

Posted on December 08, 2012

Was this the year that gaming grew up? GameIndustry ask their international staffs this question. Four persons bring us to the hard look at the industry’s growing pains. What’s your opinion?omething seems to have changed in the last year or so. We’re not sure when it started, but nearly all of us could point to a spot where we noticed it happening.You might have seen it on Twitter, arguments cast in 140 characters or less. It may have been the sudden, vicious turn of a comment thread or the undertone of dissatisfaction in a headline. You might even have felt like this all along. Things are being challenged, conventions called to account.


Gender imbalance, the lack of inclusivity, the corruption of journalists, issues of maturity, sex and violence, copycatting, the exploitation of the customer – all these issues have been pushed to the fore over the last twelve months. Turned over and inside out, vaunted or ridiculed – there seems to have been barely time to draw breath this year between long, hard looks in the mirror.
For some it’s been a welcome change, the relief of realising that there are other people who feel just as angry, marginalised or outright excluded. For others it’s been an unwelcome distraction, unnecessary navel gazing which only leads to a pointless stirring of the pot and no real progress – frenzies whipped up by the press for cheap hits and self-glorification.
Whatever you feel about them, many have been almost impossible to ignore. Whether it’s the storm of abuse endured by Anita Sarkeesian, the crisis of confidence ignited by Rab Florence or marketing tactics which are somewhere on a scale between condemnable and very clever, this has been a year in which our industry has been pulled from many ruts, asked to reassess and re-examine.
How much has actually changed is debatable, but what is clear is that it’s unlikely we’re going to see these issues swept back under the carpet. Like it or not, these debates aren’t going away. We’ve hosted and participated in all of these discussions, and more, but we rarely get to comment on them directly. So, read on as we ask our international staff – was this the year that gaming grew up?

Guild Wars 2: Lost Shores Player Rewards are Coming

Posted on December 08, 2012
It has announced by ArenaNet that players who joined connectivity issues during last month’s Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event will receive a participation reward via in-game mail. Devs alsourge players to be patient as the script could take several hours to run.

As we mentioned last week, for those players who were not able to get the rewards for the final Lost Shores event because they were suffering connection issues, we will provide rewards for their participation in the event. Thanks for your patience while we worked to resolve this.We will hand out the rewards via In-game mail today – Quick FYI… it might take several hours to run the script, so do not panic if you do not immediately receive it. ~RB2

In addition, a fan make a Guild Wars 2 “Looking for Group” app which has been released. According to a thread on Reddit, “Arxae” has created a way for players to find groups across servers and to avoid the tiresome spamming of “LFG”.

  • Great way to find a group even across different home servers.
  • No need to stand in Lions Arch spamming chat for a group.
  • Quick way to advertise you are looking for a group.
  • Quick way to pick up that last needed member.

Guild Wars 2 is competing with other games in MMOsite Reader’s Choice event. Vote for it now!

League of Legends: Changing Bad Player Behavior

Posted on December 08, 2012

League of Legends developer Riot Games has established a new anti-griefer task force it calls the Player Behaviour and Justice Team. It’s job is to stop being being “jerks” online.In an interview with Gamasutra, League of Legends lead producer Travis George explained that the task force was set up to monitor foul play and griefing as a means of better understanding it, and to devise more effective ways of putting a stop to unscrupulous actions.

He said, “Nobody wants to play a game with somebody who’s mean. There’s a line, and that line generally is people being mean for the sake of being mean – telling you what to do, telling you how bad you are. And I think we can actually fix a lot of that.”

“We actually have built a team around this. We call it, lovingly, the Player Behaviour and Justice Team. There are a lot of really talented folks on that team, including two PhDs. One’s a cognitive neuroscientist and one’s a behavioural psychologist.”

“We’ve actually developed specific trends, and our own set of metrics that we look at for measuring what percentage of times we think that players will encounter a negative experience in a game, and how severe that negative experience is,” says George. “And then we have to build things or be responsive or message the community in a particular way to address those things.”


RaiderZ – St. Fhannel Monastery Trailer

Posted on December 08, 2012

Following the recent launch of RaiderZ, we’re pleased to share a brand new trailer highlighting St. Fhannel Monastery, one of the monster-hunting MMO’s high-level instances. This multiple wing instance will find veteran hunters banding together to clear this sacred area of an unholy corruption.”One of my favorite things about RaiderZ is its incredibly unique boss fights,” says Senior Producer Mark Hill.

“It’s not unusual to face situations where players can break off limbs from bosses and equip them as weapons or instances that find players dodging and blocking over-the-top air attacks and dangerous grappling moves. But in addition to St. Fhannel Monastery’s deadly guardians, the layout and flow of multi-wing dungeon is also a great example of how RaiderZ manages to push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from MMOs.”

In RaiderZ, players must “Hunt Together or Die Alone” if they hope to succeed in battle against Rendel’s most deadly creatures. With its action-oriented combat system, flexible class system, unique and engaging boss encounters, and stunning environments, RaiderZ introduces a change of pace for fans of the genre. The best part: RaiderZ is free-to-play.