Maplestory Guide for AP Distribution

Posted on May 5, 2013

AP Distribution
Maplestory: By no means do you have to follow any of this, these just show what people commonly do. A Regular Hunter will have Str equal to his level + 5. So, if a Hunter is level 30, he should have 35 Str. A Regular Crossbowman will have Str equal to her level. So, if a Crossbowman is level 30, she should have 30 Str. From there on, you should add 4 Dex and 1 Str per level. However, when you plan carefully, you should only add Str before you get your new weapon.MapleStory Mesos.

For example, say you level 40 and at level 50 you need an Olympus. You can add Dex using the AP from levels(Maplestory powerleveling) 40 to 47 and add Str from levels 49 and 50. That way, you should have 55 Str right when you need your new weapon. Remember, you need to plan in advance in order to do this properly. Being a Low-Str Bowman is easily accomplished. Basically, you use Str from equipment to boost your Str up high enough to wear your current weapon(maple story mesos). Say you have an Olympus that requires 55 Str and you only have 50 Str. You’ll need 5 more Str to wear that Olympus. If you buy a Red Kismet, you’ll get 4 Str. You can get that last 1 Str from a pair of Blue Steel Tipped Boots. Now, you have 50+5 Str.

Unfortunately, 100% Scrolls for Overall for Str are not in as wide availability and cheapness as their counterparts, so you can just scroll your Red Kismet (or Blue Lumati) with 100% Scrolls for Overall for Dex. Always get the better deal unless you really need the extra Str. If there was a Blue Maro (adds 2 Str and 1 Dex) that cost 500k and there was a Green Maro (adds 3 Dex) that was only 100k, you’re better off buying the Green Maro. When you’re buying equipment, Str equals Dex, excluding cost. Also, with equal funds, a Low-Str Bowman is stronger than a Regular Bowman.

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