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Posted on July 7, 2013

With more and more people playing the online game, it is no wonder that there is such a huge demand for making Runescape gold guide for players. I am writing this article because I am an old player in Runescape. You are reading this article probably because you are interested in this game.

As soon as you have finished on the Tutorial Island, you can begin to have fun in the game world. You will be easy to get overwhelmed for the first time you go on. The whole game world looks so big and confusing. You want to spend more time exploring in the game. There are people trying to trade with you everywhere.

You can take your time and look around in the game world. You may get lost in the wilderness of Runescape. The experienced players are good at doing this for you. It is something that you should avoid at all cost. You cannot rely on other players to grow up in the game. Never follow others if they tell you to follow them. He can kill you. It is called player killing.

Next, you may be told the best ways to start to make gold in Runescape by killing chickens and other animals. You can collect their feathers. It is a good idea to Buy Runescape Gold this way. Chicken is easy to kill and you can collect a few hundred feathers in no time. Chicken feathers are in great demand in the auction house. You can sell them all in one, in order to make the most amount of gold from them.

One method is to beg. You may get items when you beg. Even though it is not easy to do but it often works. In order to beg for free items you can wear noob clothes and let others know you are a beginner. You can act like you have lost everything. Lumbridge is the place new players stay and dead player start again. So it is the best place to beg for free items.

It is not a solution to keep on asking money all the time. You should say thanks and learn how to earn money by yourself. You should learn to kill. When you kill a monster, free items will drop from them.

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