SWTOR – F2P model… good and bad…

Posted on December 12, 2012

Hey peeps, some of you already know that SWTOR is finally F2P… Well, in theory the game is F2P, unfortunately the F2P component is not exactly what I call ideal. Is very limited and you cant play effectively as a F2P player.

There is a few good things in the new model, its free to try it out and you can get extra stuff with real money, if you really like the game. You can buy the things you need and get away with it, if you do have the money to expend in a short burst… (Credit Cards are wonderful sometimes!!!).

The bad thing is that your F2P experience is going to be very restricted unless you put some real money into the game, its kinda strange that after all the failures and mishaps in SWTOR, the developers want to force people into giving them money, its a bit more pleasing if you are persuaded into giving them a few bucks from time to time…

I am serious, the game is forcing you to put some money into it, otherwise you wont be able to do the most basic things like using all your skills, because you only have 1 skill bar as a F2P player, you need to buy more skill bars if you want more hotkeys and the ability to use your skills.

I can understand that you limit the ammount of warzones and instances that you can do as a F2P member… but, CMON!!!! I need the skill bars to play the game, one skill bar is not even good enough at all if you have a level 50 character.

Right now, SWTOR is not F2P, its a trial version with a F2P mask on top of it. At the best, the Rift Freebie trial is a lot better than the whole SWTOR model… Sometimes I wonder why in the hell they decided to do this and call it F2P, maybe it looks good in their financial sheet, after all, they are lacking subscribers.

In conclusion, The F2P model is a Trial version of the game, you still need to pay if you want the full package and not just extras. If you do want to play the F2P game…

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