The Journey Of Turtle Thief Sets In Maplestory 2

Posted on October 31, 2016

Recently, KnockoutSushi released two videos of Maplestory 2, which belong a Youtube Series that he will be working on.

Now we will show it to you. Hopefully you enjoy the content, these video should be real and give you some honest opinions about everything.

Part 1 – The Journey Of Turtle Thief Sets

Part 2 – Cleansing Mother Nature

The audio have some problems, the producer didn’t realize the BGM for the boss was overlapping his voice, And he promises part 3 will be a lot smoother from connection and audio, so you can stay tuned for that.

If you want more, you can join new friendly free community, hit him up in DM and his Discord is KnockoutSushi#2351 or keep your eyes on for more Maplestory news or cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos.

5 Maplestory mesos Merchanting way

Posted on March 05, 2015


1. Know your prices.

Knowing the prices of the items your buying or selling Maplestory mesos is a key part of making money while merchanting. Checking basilmarket, MTS, and FM often is the best way to stay on top of your prices. FM prices are always higher than basilmarket prices, a 9-10mil 60% Overall Dex on Basil market can be 12-14 Mil in the FM, and around 1k-1.5k NX. Always buy scrolls/items for the basilmarket price, and sell for the FM price. Read the rest of this entry »

MapleStory mesos with engerg market

Posted on March 05, 2015


You can advertise your items to added players on the MapleStory Europe Chargeless Market. Miniature food can be set actuality and players can analysis their stock.Shop permits needed to be set up a store and only available via the cash store. Shop permits include two different types: a standard shop needs the presence of the gamer, but Mushroom House Elf need not. Read the rest of this entry »

Mapleatory level improvement tips

Posted on January 25, 2015

1.Get your Aboriginal Job Advancement. Each chic has a altered adjustment
of accepting their advancements.

If you’re an Explorer , yield the auto in Lith Harbor to your corresponding city-limits (ex. Thieves go to Kerning City). Then allocution to your corresponding job advance leader. If you’ re a Cannoneer, afterwards you get off the island, go and allocution to
Kyrin for your 1st job. Dual Bladers aswell go to the Kerning City-limits and allocution to the Dark Lord, but they allocution to Syl if they’re akin 20.

Resistance associates will accept a letter that will move them to the Resistance Headquarters. Then they allocution to Belle (Wild Hunter), Brighton (Battle Mage), or Cheeky (Mechanic). Despite getting a Resistance character, Demon Slayers does not chase this method.

2.Do some quests. Quests accord a acceptable bulk of EXP in the aboriginal levels, but they aren’t account it afterwards you’re akin 25. Some adventure rewards advertise for millions of mesos in the Free Market (ex. Subani’s Legacy gives 60% Gloves for Attack scroll, which can advertise for eight actor depending on your server)


3.Get your job specific hat. At akin 18, you should get a bulletin from your job adviser allurement you to annihilate a assertive monster. Afterwards finishing the quest, you will get a hat that gives 12 of your capital stat.


4.Join a Affair Adventure if you get to akin 20. In any city, go to the Dimensional Mirror, accept a affair quest, and ask to accompany a party. If it is your aboriginal time, acquaint them so they can abrupt you and accord you tips. Affair questing is a abundant way to accretion acquaintance fast and is aswell actual fun. Sometimes you may get aliment such as Squishy Shoes, Broken Glasses and added accurate stuff!

Maplestory Tips of Fast Travel to Anywhere

Posted on January 25, 2015

Now that the boondocks of Momijigaoka exists it can be leveraged as an amazing tool to biking anywhere in Maplestory mesos actual quickly. No added charge for those apathetic ass boats. From any boondocks area you accept admission to the dimensional mirror you can teleport to Momijigaoka. From there you can get aback to the six aisle angular so you can use the pantheon teleporter to go anywhere instantly.

First footfall is to arch to Henesys and allocution to Spinel – World Tour Guide.She’s amid on the larboard ancillary of the town. Travel to Augment altar (You accept to biking to augment altar from Henesys for this to work) and arch to the appropriate until you get to Showa Town. Allocution to Hikari and ask to access the ablution house. Once central buy a agglomeration of strawberry milks, for traveling aback to augment shrine. Hikari Now biking aback larboard to augment altar afresh and allocution to Spinel afresh to travel aback to Henesys. Once there you can use the quick move affection at the basal of the map to go to six aisle angular and on to the Pantheon Portal. It’s that simple 🙂 Now, anytime you charge to get about far away, you simply accept to acknowledgment to the abutting boondocks and teleport to Momijigaoka,then use the birthmark milk to get to augment shrine, again to Henesys and to ANYWHERE!

8 useful Method Make Money in Maplestory Without Playing

Posted on January 17, 2015


In the game of MapleStory, there are a lot of methods allows you to have nice time, you can play the game to get more Maplestory Mesos, here are some useful tips to help you Make Money in Maplestory Without Playing.

Method 1 of 8: Using a Pet

1.Acquire about 15k NX banknote by affairs it or accomplishing a analysis or some offers.

2.Buy a pet in the banknote shop, as able-bodied as a mesos magnet, annual pouch, active boots, binoculars, and scales (each pet annual active about 1.8k NX).

3.Go to any active hunting areas in approach 1.

4.Find a acceptable belvedere after any monsters area you can get as abundant mesos as you can after dying.

5.Leave your appearance there and actuate your pet. It will go on the belvedere and aggregate items added users get from monsters.

6.Leave Maple Story active for 2-5 hours.

After advancing aback from school, alive up, or annihilation else, your appearance will acquire acquired a appropriate bulk of mesos and items to advertise to your bounded NPC.

Method 2 of 8: Selling Attenuate Equips or Scrolls

1.Get about 10k NX and buy some of the a lot of capital items from MTS and a Hired Merchant or a Abundance admittance from the Banknote Shop.

2.Set up your abundance in Approach 2 or 3.

3.Sell a few of your added attenuate equips or scrolls for a reasonable price. A annal for gloves for advance 60% can advertise up to 10 million.

Method 3 of 8: Killing the Sakura Cellions (Level 40+)

1.Go to Amoria and annihilate the sakura cellions. They leave about 300-500 mesos a cellion!

2.You can aswell annihilate leprechauns in Crimsonwood Keep. They bead up to 2k (4k on 2x bead events). They aswell acquire a adventitious to bead Green Bandanas, Steelys, Esther Shields, and Lollipops.

Method 4 of 8: Selling Bathrobes

1.Get a a boutique (any kind)

2.Go to Showa Town,and again go into the bathroom allowance for 300 mesos.

3.Buy as abounding Bathrobes for Male/Female as you can for 30k per robe.

4.Go acquisition a atom in the FM and advertise for 189k (or college if you annal the bathrobes) each.

5.This footfall is optional, but you can annal them for 350k by affairs Overall for DEX 100% for 35k. You can buy those scrolls from the annal agent in Kerning City swamp.

(This works because humans mistaken them as the absolute bathroom robes)

Method 5 of 8: Selling Holiday Items

1.Train on holidays, like Christmas, or Maple Anniversaries. Aggregate the appropriate items like bastard snowpieces; or maple leaves.

2.Sell the items on chargeless market. Bastard snowpieces sometimes advertise for 20k anniversary you and if you aggregate 300, you get 6 million.

Method 6 of 8: Accepting a Lucky Gift

1.Sometimes if you avenue MapleStory, the Maple Admin will accord you a gift. If she gives you the Scissors of Karma, acquire it.

2.Use it commonly on an annual you wish to be acclimated on. Zakum Hats works best on it, abnormally if you are accepting rid of it.

Method 7 of 8: Accomplishing the Fallen Woods Quest

1.Do the Fallen Woods Quest by accepting 25 Phantom Seeds. You will acquire admission to Icicles, All Cures, Scrolls to NLC, and Diamond Arrows that you can advertise for up to 50x it’s value.

Method 8 of 8: Using MapleStory Adventures

1.When Nexon holds an accident accompanying to MapleStory Adventures (ex. cantankerous promotion), assurance up for MapleStory Adventures.

2.There should be a brand accompanying to the event. Connect your Nexon annual with your Facebook account. Make abiding you acquire a capital character.

3.Play MapleStory Adventures as normal.

4.The next day, you will get a agenda from the Maple Admin. The agenda gives you acquaintance and mesos.

Mesos are a type of currency in “MapleStory”

Posted on January 09, 2015

Mesos are a type of currency in “MapleStory.” Players can use Mesos only to buy items and equipment from non-player characters in the towns or to use the various means of transportation in the game. To purchase anything from the Cash Shop, players must use the NX currency, which they must buy with real world money. A character gains Maplestory Mesos  from killing monsters, and players can transfer them to another character.

Transferring Mesos to Another Player’s Character
Start “MapleStory” and log in to your account. Select the world and channel in which you want to play. The two characters you want to transfer Mesos between have to be in the same world and channel.

Select the character that has the Mesos you want to transfer to another player’s character.
Travel to an area on which both you and the player with the character you want to give Mesos to have agreed. Pick an area that doesn’t have monsters that can interfere while you are transferring.

Stand in front of the other character, and press “I” on your keyboard to open your inventory.

Click the small “Meso” button on the bottom left of your inventory screen. Type the amount of Mesos you want to transfer in the input box, and click “OK.” Your character will drop the Mesos on the ground in front of you.

Wait until the other character has picked up the Mesos you have dropped. They will then become his. If you want to transfer more Mesos, click on the “Meso” button in your inventory again and drop another amount.

Transferring Mesos to Another Character of Your Own

Start “MapleStory” and log in to your account. Select the world and channel in which you want to play. The characters you want to transfer between must be in the same world, but the channel does not matter.

Select the character that has the Mesos you want to transfer to your other character.
Travel to any of the towns that have a storage keeper. Speak to the storage keeper to automatically open your inventory.

Click the small “Meso” button on the bottom left of your inventory, and type in the amount of Mesos you want to transfer. Click “OK” and then click “Exit.”

Press “Escape” and then select “Quit Game.” Enter your login details again, and this time select the character to whom you want to transfer Mesos.

Travel to the town with the storage keeper who is holding the Mesos from your other character. Speak to him and click the small “Meso” button on the storage keeper’s inventory. Type in the amount of Mesos you want to transfer to your character, and then click “OK.”

Ensure the safety of Maplestory account to make your game more fun

Posted on February 27, 2014
MaplyStory Mesos

MaplyStory Mesos

Maplestory is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in May 2005. Maplestory mesos is published by Nexon,who also maintain the financial and account services sections of the game .Players can be banned from Maplestory for abusing the user policy,which includes swearing,botting,stealing and hacking. In order to remove a ban on an acount in Maplestory,users must appeal to Nexon’s customer service team.

Check your current “Maplestory” account status by going to maplestory mesos. nexon. net. Type in your user ID and password in the appropriate boxes, found on the left hand side of the page, and left-click the “Submit” button. Left-click on “Account Information” to view your account status. Sometimes bans in “Maplestory” are time-limited. If you are permanently banned, the website will make that clear, and you should continue with your appeal.

Navigate to Nexon’s customer support page. Left-click on “Customer Support”, found under the “Support” tab on the right-hand side of the website. Left-click on “Contact Us” to begin your ban appeal. Fill in your user ID and password in the pop-up box and hit “Enter” to continue.

Enter in your contact information, select what game you play, and the reason for your customer support ticket. Type out exactly what happened when your account was banned, and request an appeal of the ban. Suggest at the least a reduction of the length of your ban. Left-click on “Submit Ticket” to send in your ban appeal. Wait for your ticket to be reviewed, which may take up to several weeks, to find out if your appeal was successful. Btw,Double check your appeal for grammar, spelling, and conciseness before sending it in. Don’t lie on your appeal form, as Nexon can check the game logs to see what really happened.

Which one is your most like to play the Class in Maplestory

Posted on February 26, 2014
maplestory Mesos

maplestory Mesos

The class you choose on MapleStory mesos determines, to some degree, your play’s speed, quality and enjoyment level. Largely subjective however, which class you pick depends primarily on your gaming abilities and preferences. Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding between Maple Story’s Warrior, Bowman, Magician and Thief classes.

Understand that which class is best is a matter of personal taste. You must weigh your gaming skills and which MapleStory mesos activities you enjoy most to make a good decision. Become a Warrior if your prefer melee fighting to range attacks. Warriors have more armor and health points than other classes, can use either one or two-handed weapons and have access to five weapon types. Warriors, however, cannot launch range attacks, are slow and have relatively poor accuracy.

Become a thief if you enjoy very fast play and the option to choose between melee and range attacks. Besides looking cool, thieves have high accuracy, high avoidability. On the flip side, thieves have lower health points than warriors and require expensive equipment.

Choose the Magician, or Mage, class for high Mana points, the ability to fight at range using spells, fast leveling and good mobility. Magicians have the lowest health points, however, and their potions and other gear are very expensive.

Opt for the Bowman, or Archer, class if your prefer range attacks. Bowmen’s arrows are generally inexpensive, their maximum damage is very high and they have relatively high accuracy. On the other hand, it is often difficult for bowmen to find necessary equipment and their damage is the most unstable of the classes as they have no minimum damage level.

Tips & Warnings
1.A bowman must avoid getting close to enemies, as their melee skills are very poor. To survive such a situation, bowmen must switch from arrows to a close range weapon.
2.A class’s power varies from level to level. Warriors, for example, are the most powerful beginners, but Mages dominate levels 10 through 20.
3.Magicians often live longer than other classes since they can essentially substitute health points for Mana points after obtaining maximum Magic Guard.
4.Within each class are subclasses, with more specified skills and limitations. The Bowman class, for example, consists of swordsmen, pages, fighters and spearmen.

Online players can earn the Black Wings Hat in maplestory

Posted on February 25, 2014
MaplyStory Mesos

MaplyStory Mesos

In the on-line role-playing game “MapleStory,” players can earn the Black Wings Hat, a black and gold hat bearing weapon and magic defense capabilities, through the completion of a quest available only to players with levels 60 and higher. While players may long to trade or sell the hat for Maplestory mesos, only the player who earned the hat in a quest can keep and use it. Any character can wear the Black Wings Hat, regardless of character class.

Travel to the town of Edelstein when you reach Level 60. Go to the Dry Road: Road to the Mine 1 and speak to Stephan, the Black Wing watchman, a non-player character wearing a black and gold coat. He has a large brown moustache and a big nose. Players will earn experience and complete the “Secret Proposition” quest, a requirement to enter the quest, “Purchasing a Disguise.”Speak to Stephan again immediately after completing the “Secret Proposition” quest. You must pay 100,000 mesos. Earn Maplestory mesos through other quests, battles, or through trade or sale with other players or merchants. Speak to Stephan again if you did not have the money the first time.Pay Maplestory mesos to Stephan. Speak to him again and he will give the player the Black Wings Hat. Players must use the hat in the “Another Method” quest, available to players Level 61 and higher, in which players talk to Von at the Mine Entrance on the Dry Road.

Tips & Warnings
1)The Black Wings Hat boasts 30 defense against magic and weapon attacks. While players of any level can technically wear the hat, only characters of level 60 and higher can participate in the quest to buy it.
2)Players can upgrade the Black Wings Hat up to five times.
3)”MapleStory” describes the Black Wings Hat as a “one-of-a-kind” item.
4)Players must complete the “Ready to Enter” quest before tackling the “Another Method” quest to get into the mine. Von will not allow the player to enter the mine until the player acquires and equips the Black Wings Hat.