The difference there is merely 4-5k difference

Posted on April 4, 2013

I don’t know if im the only one who has noticed this, and i doubt i am, but there has just been a gap growing and growing and growing between the funded community and the non-funded community.

For example :
Hermits damage – 4-5k per star (unfunded)
Hermits damage – 8-10k per star (funded)
(These sats and damages are made up completely just for you to get the point)

The difference there is merely 4-5k difference, when nexon came out with bosses, they came out with bosses that required multiple users to go and fight. A group of 18 unfunded people could go take on zakum and kill it around 45 minutes to an hour depending on if you apples or not at one point.MapleStory Mesos.
A group of 6-12 funded people could go kill it in around the same time if not a little slower or faster depending on their level of funding and amount of people in the 6-12.

Oh boy…
Kaisers damage – 600-800k per line with gigas wave. (funded, some even do 800-1m)
Kaisers damage – 80k-110k per line with gigas (unfunded, maybe with about 10-20% str and a decent sword)

Here the difference is so immense… I understand your damage tends to only effect you, and you only. But this is what issue im raising. What playable content is available for those 80-110k kaisers that is available to the 600-800k?
Empress – lets not even kid ourselves, without funding it isnt even possible to kill empress with a group of unfunded people. And everyone i seem to know that is funded usually goes with 2-3 people to kill it max.
Magnus – some OP players hitting damage cap cant even kill it, does nexon expect its unfunded players to have the ability to party up and take it down?MapleStory Powerleveling.
Pink Bean/Czak/CHT – ok a little mediation here, funded people can easily go solo these bosses, but semi-funded/unfunded people can still party up and go take them down just as well depending on how many people they take and what skills are available within the party.
CPB – Again, just way too hard for unfunded players to even begin to fight, It takes quite a few funded people parties to kill it.
HT/Zak/Pap – Unfunded people can still get a party of maybe 6-12 and go take these on, yes its still capable of soloing but why not party up and kill it for fun with a group of friends? Because funded people can nearly 1hko these, while a party of unfunded people on the other hand can down them in a little while. It’d still be a fun run.


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