Training Bowman In Maplestory

Posted on June 6, 2013

Like every class, beginning Archers start out on Maple Island, in front of the Training Camp. There are a number of quests to do that serve to orient first time players to the game. Be warned, however, that once the Training Camp is left, it cannot be returned to. After leaving the starting area, players are given free roam on the island. The strongest monster is Orange Mushroom , which can be hazardous. Fortunately, beginners don’t lose EXP when they die. To do some quests, try traveling to Amherst , where simple quests can be fulfilled to get items. Some must-do quests include:

Pio and the Recycling (relaxer chair) Please Deliver a Letter to Lucas (hat) Rain’s Maple Quiz (easy EXP) The Elder’s Introduction (Mai gives you best Maple Island weapon)

In addition, it is advisable not to use potions on Maple Island, as there is no penalty for dying. If health is needed, try finding a safe place to sit down and wait a few seconds to recover. Stay on Maple Island until level 10, as it provides a comfortable and relatively secure training environment. If that’s not up to personal preference, Maple Island can be left at any time by Shanks in Southperry , with 150 mesos. Keep in mind that once on Victoria Island, it is impossible to return (Except in ChinaMS), so any quests will remain permanently unfinished.

The first step to being an Archer is already complete! Now that the prospective archer is on Victoria Island, or Vic for short, it’s time to head to the Job Instructor. For Archers, that’s Athena Pierce, in Henesys . The best way to get to Henesys is via the taxi. In Lith Harbor , the taxi is run by a man in a booth, near the ship.

In order to promote to first job, the character in question must be at least level 10. It is recommended, however, that the advancement be made while still on level 10, as crucial skill points will be lost otherwise. If the future archer left before level 10, get there immediately. After reaching level 10, find Athena Pierce in the town of Henesys (the one at the bottom of the world map). She lives in a tree on the far right of Mushroom Park .

It’s advisable for starters to continue using melee weapons until at least level 15. These can be found from monsters or bought from the Weapon stores in each town. The best melee weapons are from Perion, at the top of the world map. Buy a 2-handed Axe or a wooden sword for 3k meso (each k = 1000 meso). Both STR and dex raise an archer’s damage, so don’t be afraid to pump it a little, though it’s not advisable to raise it above 30. Dex is better for bows and STR is better for melee weapons. STR affects the minimum damage range of a bow, but only very slightly, and at low levels almost unnoticeably. To use bows, a certain amount of strength is required. This STR requirement is equal to the level requirement plus five. For example, the level 25 bow will require 30 STR. Once the STR requirement for the current weapon is met, put the rest of the Ability Points (AP) into Dex.

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